The Future is Modular

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Gone are the days of waiting months for your dream home to be completed. With modular homes, you can have your keys in hand and be sipping lemonade on your front porch in record time. And not only are they fast, they’re also budget-friendly. By streamlining the building process, modular homes offer cost savings that are music to any homeowner’s ears.

There are many applications for modular homes and reasons why they’re an amazing investment. These homes work great as a primary living space, as an add-on to your property (guest suites, luxury Airbnb etc), maybe as a vacation home, or even as a retirement suite for parents. Who doesn’t want their grandparents in their yard 20 feet away, right?!  

Seriously though, we love the modular home living concept and in this post we’ll explain why we’re getting into Modular Homes.

Definition: Modular homes are homes that are built in sections (modules), in a factory setting, and then transported to a building site where they are assembled into a single dwelling. Aka: ‘factory-built homes’ or ‘prefab homes’.

Why we’re getting into modular

Our vision for the modular game is simple. We want to be able to provide the same quality that we have in all of our single family houses and present it in the modular configuration. 

This is all about supporting the community in delivering a product in a reasonable amount of time while maintaining that high standard of construction and attention to detail throughout the entire process. 

  • Great quality
  • Awesome design
  • Affordable price

A key partnership

For our Modular business we’ve teamed up with some old family friends, which we are pretty excited about. Cameron Contracting and Muchalat Construction… no better families to join forces, to build better products available on the market. 

Muchalat has all the strong family principles that Cameron Contracting does, and when it comes to construction, there’s nobody who wants to build a better home than them. When we work with the Formosa family, it’s like an extension of our family. 

A game changer for the housing industry

Modular homes are a game-changer for the housing industry and are revolutionizing the way we think about homebuilding. They offer a faster, more affordable, and more sustainable solution for those looking for a modern and customized home.

The way we live is changing. The concept of the ‘home’ is way more diverse and beautiful than it ever was. Modular housing is helping to open doors and remove the stigma that homeownership is an unattainable goal. And it’s not just young professionals looking at modular, it’s for young families and empty-nesters too. 

The adoption has been steady thus far, but now it’s gathering steam. Awareness and education has grown and it’s now a real option on people’s radars. The future of modular homes looks bright and full of potential, we’re anticipating a huge demand.  

Questions about Mods? Read our post: Mobile vs. Manufactured vs. Modular Homes Vs Container Vs Tiny Homes ->

The big benefits of modular homes

If you’re in the market for a new home and want to avoid the endless bidding wars and a lengthy build process, it’s time to explore the world of modular homes. (they just might surprise you)

These types of living spaces are becoming increasingly popular for their cost-effectiveness, speed of construction, and energy efficiency compared to traditional stick-built homes. 

Aside from those 3 reasons, here are some additional benefits to going modular. 

#1 Controllability

When somebody asks us about the benefits of modular, the first thing that comes to mind is the controllability of all the variables. When we’re able to build this in the factory, we’re able to give a product on time at the specifications that we say right then and there. 

Additionally, we plan to be able to stock these too. So in essence we can have the house that you wanted, in the spec you need, the design finishes you desire… it’s ready to go. And in a matter of weeks you’re standing in a brand new home. Now that’s exciting! 

#2 High construction standards and best practices

There’s virtually no difference to the construction practices that we would do here versus on a standard lot. Modular homes are built to the same building codes and standards as traditional homes, and are subject to the same inspection and quality control processes. The result is a more reliable, stronger structure, and the peace of mind you get with a traditional home.

#3 Design and detailing not neglected

Modular homes can be designed to meet a variety of architectural styles, from traditional to modern. They are also customizable, allowing homeowners to choose the layout, finishes, and materials that best suit their needs. (Go check out our modular home customiser widget ->)

Cameron modular home floorplans come in a two bedroom and a three bedroom, and of course you can basically design and pick everything that you want in these modular homes. As an example, if you were to come into one of our Mods, you’ll notice that all of Cameron’s immaculate fine detailing is present here, just like any of our standard home builds. The kitchens are the exact same as our standard house, all the trim outs, our fine finishes, design is not spared in these modular homes.

Like those vaulted ceilings you had in your old place? Modular can do that!  

Want tons of light? We can give light. 

Go scope out our Modular page with configurations, floormaps, photos, design options, & more.

The verdict on modular?  

Modular homes really are an awesome solution for homeowners looking to make a move. Efficient, affordable, and ready-to-go (the easiest, most stress-free home build ever). Add in the ability to customize to your liking, packed with the reliability of high construction standards, it could be a perfect match for you.

Although different in size and build process, in essence modular homes and single family homes are quite similar. All the quality craftsmanship of a standard house, in a compact version. They truly feel like.. a home.

And we think they are awesome, so you should come check them out! 😀

How cool is that?

What does Cameron recommend you do next?

Pop down and have a chat. 

Our Modular Homes are available for tours, Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm.

Modular Home show suites: located at 498 Old Island Hwy, Courtenay.

Cameron Office HQ: located at 1089 Braidwood Rd, Courtenay.

Is modular the future? We’re banking on it.

Modular homes available for viewing;

  • Double wide 3 bed 1,245 sq ft (modern style)
  • Single wide 2 bed 960 sq ft (modern)
  • Double wide 2 bed 960 sq ft (traditional style)
  • Single wide 3 bed 960 sq ft (traditional)

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