Jackson Grill BBQs: Pre-Spring Sale!

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Woman BBQing on a Jackson Grill

Hey there, grill masters, foodies and outdoor entertainers! It’s time to turn up the heat on your outdoor cooking game with our Pre-Spring Jackson Grills Sale! Save up to $475 on our premium Jackson Grills for the entire month of March!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of grilling, our high-quality stainless steel grills are the perfect way to kick off the grilling season in style. Don’t miss out on this fiery deal – join us for the ultimate grilling experience!

Why Jackson Grill BBQs?

There are a number of reasons we love the Jackson Grill BBQ’s. Here’s our hot take on them:

What they’re known for:

Jackson Grill BBQ’s are an industry leader, built with premium stainless steel that fights against corrosion and are designed to give you that perfectly even grill. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty! With all their added features and advanced heating elements, these grills offer precision and control, allowing you to achieve perfect results every time!

A steak being cooked on fiery burner by Jackson Grills

Fuel Options

All our models come in both gas or propane options so you don’t have to settle.

Gas is the ultimate choice for anyone who values convenience and wants to get straight to the fun part – sparking up the grill and getting that perfect char on their food. Say goodbye to the hassle of purchasing, refilling, and returning tanks and hello to endless hours of grilling enjoyment.

Propane, however, packs a serious hot punch that will cook and sear a great steak or anything else you throw at it. With the propane bottle connected to your BBQ, you also have the flexibility to set up wherever you want in the yard. Sun or shade? You decide!

A father and son by the pool grilling food on their Jackson Grill BBQs

Grilling Feature

All Jackson Grill BBQ’s come with a Variable Grilling surface. Yes we love our steaks and chicken but how delicious are grilled veggies; peppers, corn, or even kabobs? This unique Variable grilling surface allows you to cook these smaller foods–yes even, your prawns– without sacrificing what your larger foods need while on the grill.

Jackson Grill's Variable grilling surface close up.

The Lux Series

If you’re looking for extra power (and fun) our Lux cart series comes with a flame thrower ignition system–hello! This spreads a flame across the side ports of the burner system offering a consistent ignition. Don’t sweat the heat and safety of this feature: the igniter is smartly concealed from grease and cooking debris so you can grill with peace of mind for as long as you need with as much power as you need.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Lux series also includes an infrared rotisserie burner! With an electric ignition it projects intense, radiant heat through your meat that provides that perfectly browned, juice-filled roasts. Your loved ones won’t be able to get enough of it!

Jackson Grill Lux Series BBQ with a chicken in it's built in rotisserie.

The Portable Versa Series

Obviously we love that you can take these anywhere: add it to your camper, your boat or take it to the beach! 

In the portable Jackson Grill Versa series, a grease management system is integrated with a built-in stainless steel grease cup for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Love it when a product takes care of you! And you can create stability with your Versa BBQ by popping out the built-in legs for added height and comfort while you make tasty magic happen–wherever you are!

Jackson Grill Portable Versa BBQ at the beach and product image.

The Verdict?

Time to turn up the heat on your backyard BBQ with a Jackson Grill. Save up to $475 now, until March 31, 2023. 

Join us at our Showroom located at 1089 Braidwood Rd, Courtenay. We’re open 9.00am to 4.30pm, ​​Monday to Saturday.

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