How to Select White or Grey Paint for the Interior of Your Home

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We often have people reaching out to us for our recommendations on what paint colours to use. Therefore, we’ve put together this blog post to help you select the perfect match for the interior of your home. Before we get started, all of the colours we list below are from Benjamin Moore, but feel free to colour match with other companies as all brands have their own version of similar colours.

White Paint

People seem to be most interested in where to start with choosing white paint so here’s a list of our go-to whites:

  • Ultra White is a great white to use when pairing with cooler toned colours. This shade is more on the grey side of the scale but it offers a very pure white contrast, which is why we love it so much.
  • Chantilly LaceDecorators White and Simply White are all great options if you are looking to match your paint colour with warmer tones, such as beiges, yellows, warm greys, etc. 

Things to keep in mind when selecting white paint:

  • Try contrasting your wall paint colour with the trim colour for a powerful design impact.
  • If you decide on white walls and white trims, we suggest choosing similar undertones. For example, if you are going with a cool white on the walls, we recommend choosing a cool white for the trims.
  • If you are looking to match the same colour white on the walls and on the trim, the finish of paint can make a world of difference. We recommend choosing a semi-gloss finish for the trims and an eggshell finish for the walls – the two contrast perfectly!

Grey Paint

Looking for the perfect grey? Lucky for you, we have done some experimenting to find the best shade of ‘true grey’. It took some trial and error, but we have found a few that we love. Here are our favourites:

  • Stonington Grey is a premium grey colour – it offers a cooler tone with some blue undertones. It looks truly amazing on walls! 
  • Grey Owl is another grey that we love. It is very close to Stonington Grey, but is slightly lighter, offering a softer tone.
  • Grey-beige (gre-eige) is another popular colour that our customers often seek. It can be a bit trickier to find the best mixture of grey and beige as greys tend to be on the cool side of the spectrum, while beiges tend to be on the warmer side. But, we have found two that rose to the challenge, Pale Oak and Balboa Mist.

When selecting grey paint, we like to choose darker accent colours to match the undertone in the grey colour we’re using. Here are some suggestions to make your life easier: 

  • For Stonington Grey, we love to accent the fireplace, wall or ceiling with Kendall Charcoal or Street Chic. Both offer a great contrast to the walls and depending on where you place the accent colour in the home, these colours can help add depth by elongating a room.
  • With lighter greys, we usually like to contrast with a colour pop – maybe a blue like Stratton Blue or a green/grey colour like Picnic Basket.
  • We love warmer toned paints as well. There are quite a few warm browns and creams that we like to combine together. Baby Fawn is a great beige warm-toned paint and when paired with Brandon Beige as an accent colour, it creates a very lovely warm-toned home.

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