How to Choose a General Contractor to Build Your New Home (2023)

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We think there are some key questions you should ask your potential builder before beginning construction on your custom home. We have put together a list of questions we feel are the most important to help you make the right decision when choosing a general contractor for your new home.

1. How many years of experience do you have?

Experience is crucial in the construction industry. In general, you should find a contractor with several years of proved industry experience. Even if the initial quote from one contractor seems better than another, you may not be comparing apples to apples in terms of quality of finishing and expertise. We recommend asking to see a sample or show home to give you an idea of what to expect.

About Cameron Contracting Ltd’s experience

We are fully family-owned and operated and hold over 35 years of industry experience. We are invested in each and every construction project and give an enormous amount of attention to detail. We continually grow our knowledge in the construction industry. We also have a lovely show suite that gives a great idea of our quality of finishings.

2. What kind of reputation does this company have?

This is a very important question to ask a potential builder. Ask around to learn about the company’s reputation first-hand from a few past or current customers. What does the industry have to say about the contractors you are considering?

About Cameron Contracting Ltd’s reputation

We pride ourselves on how happy our clients are once they move in. Our website contains the testimonials of many of our delighted homeowners and many of our customers would also love to chat with you about their experiences building their dream home with us.

3. Approximately how long will the project take to complete?

Making sure your timeline works coincides with the contractor’s estimation of a timeline is important to determine before beginning a project. You always want to ensure you are on the same page when it comes to the project completion date so you can adequately plan for the move into your new home.

About Cameron Contracting Ltd’s project management

Our average home build takes approximately 4-6 months to complete depending on the size and scope of the house. We have developed an effective project management structure that allows for very efficient timelines, while still maintaining top quality finishing.

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4. What health and safety plans does your company use to protect employees?

Safety considerations are critical when hiring a general contractor. Make sure that your builder and all workers have the necessary safety equipment to safely complete a job. Be sure to also request a “Clearance Certificate” from the contractor showing that the company is in good standing.

About Cameron Contracting Ltd’s safety standards

We hold very high safety standards on all job sites. The safety of our employers and our customers is of utmost importance. We would be happy to show you our clearance certificate upon request. 

5. Do you offer a Post Construction Warranty Service?

Finding a contractor that continues to offer service to their clients, even years after the construction has
been completed, is a great sign of strong customer/contractor relationships. It can also tell you that the builder has the confidence to stand behind the quality craftsmanship that they offer.

About Cameron Contracting Ltd’s Post Construction Warranty Service

We take pride in everything that we build. We stand behind our products and will always
make sure that our homes are top quality and will withstand the hands of time. We provide a Home Warranty, through Pacific Home Warranty, to all our new homeowners.

6. What is your protocol for rain screening, waterproofing and siding your homes?

Given the wet climate on Vancouver Island, we believe that this is one of, if not the most important question when selecting your builder. How do they plan to keep the water out of your new home? What does their process look like? Do they offer Tyvek commercial wrap or a Tyvek home wrap?

About Cameron Contracting Ltd’s rainproofing and waterproofing methods

In our rain screening and waterproofing methods, the home is completely waterproof before you put
any siding on the building. We have a very extensive exterior waterproofing process which we have
spent several years perfecting. We would love to take you on a tour and show you our process for this and explain to you how what we offer is different from the rest.

7. Why should I choose you over other contractors?

This question gives the contractor the ability to tell you what they think gives them the edge over their
competitors. If you want to hear our answer to this, get in touch and we’d love to tell ya!

Meet the Camerons

8. (Bonus) What do their customers say about them?

The great thing about the internet is that most customer reviews are now publicly visible, so you can gauge a company’s reputation by reading their online reviews. Prior to your meeting go ahead and read various online reviews for each contractor, you’ll get a very good idea on what sort of business they are running. Google, Houzz, Facebook, & BBB, are good places to start.

What do Cameron customers say?

Have a read of Cameron’s Google Reviews and Houzz Reviews, or refer to our testimonials page for more happy stories from our amazing customers.

The verdict?

It pays to be diligent at this stage of the process. You don’t want to be half way through your build and realise that your builders are not a good fit. We hope these questions will help you in your search for a contractor to build your new home.

For all your home building needs in the Comox Valley, Cameron Contracting has you covered.

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