How energy efficient are modular homes?

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Are you interested in finding out how energy efficient modular homes really are? From meeting stringent building code standards to leveraging innovative technologies, modular homes offer a compelling narrative in the pursuit of sustainable and energy-efficient living.

BC Building Code Standards

Modular homes are held to the same standards as any other house under the BC building code. Currently, we adhere to BC Step Code level three, with plans to improve to level five in the coming years. This makes achieving energy efficiency much easier in modular homes due to controlled variables, settings, and access to trades.

Airtight Construction and Technological Advances

The controlled environment of modular construction allows us to focus on creating airtight structures and integrating the best available technologies for energy efficiency. This ensures that modular homes are not only compliant with building codes but also utilize cutting-edge solutions for optimal energy performance.

Visit Us for Education on Energy Efficiency

For those interested in learning more about energy efficiency in modular homes, visit us at Modular Homes by Cameron, located at the Home Center on 1089 Braidwood Road in Courtney. Our team can provide comprehensive education on energy efficiency and discuss the benefits of modular construction in detail.

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