Jackson Grill BBQs: Pre-Spring Sale!

Woman BBQing on a Jackson Grill

Hey there, grill masters, foodies and outdoor entertainers! It’s time to turn up the heat on your outdoor cooking game with our Pre-Spring Jackson Grills Sale! Save up to $475 on our premium Jackson Grills for the entire month of March! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of grilling, our […]

Fireplaces 101: Comparing different fuel types

Today we’re talking about fireplaces. We’re going to cover the various fuel types… gas/propane, electric, wood burning and offer some pros and cons for each. So grab a coffee, head into your living room and as you read through this post, imagine yourself in front of your brand new fireplace. Ready to rock? It’s about […]

Custom Heating for Your New Home

Home heating systems with Cory of Cameron Contracting

Sounds like you’re building a custom home. Let’s talk about heating. In this video Cory talks about the most common heating sources that we use in our builds; the gas furnace backup. As well as our favourite option for heating a house, radiant in-floor heating. Enjoy! Have questions about heating? Reach out to us via […]