The Home Show is back!

Every year we do our annual Spring Home Show – the biggest home show of the year. This year we’re extra excited! In addition to our usual Home Building experts and information, we’re also bringing you Modular Homes, Fireplaces, Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ’s! All of this at unbeatable prices you won’t want to miss! This […]

Jackson Grill BBQs: Pre-Spring Sale!

Woman BBQing on a Jackson Grill

Hey there, grill masters, foodies and outdoor entertainers! It’s time to turn up the heat on your outdoor cooking game with our Pre-Spring Jackson Grills Sale! Save up to $475 on our premium Jackson Grills for the entire month of March! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of grilling, our […]

Fireplaces 101: Comparing different fuel types

Today we’re talking about fireplaces. We’re going to cover the various fuel types… gas/propane, electric, wood burning and offer some pros and cons for each. So grab a coffee, head into your living room and as you read through this post, imagine yourself in front of your brand new fireplace. Ready to rock? It’s about […]

Custom Heating for Your New Home

Home heating systems with Cory of Cameron Contracting

Sounds like you’re building a custom home. Let’s talk about heating. In this video Cory talks about the most common heating sources that we use in our builds; the gas furnace backup. As well as our favourite option for heating a house, radiant in-floor heating. Enjoy! Have questions about heating? Reach out to us via […]