How energy efficient are modular homes?

Are you interested in finding out how energy efficient modular homes really are? From meeting stringent building code standards to leveraging innovative technologies, modular homes offer a compelling narrative in the pursuit of sustainable and energy-efficient living. BC Building Code Standards Modular homes are held to the same standards as any other house under the […]

The Advantages of Choosing a Modular Home over Standard Construction

Are there advantages to choosing modular homes? From access to trades and materials to environmental friendliness and streamlined timelines, modular homes present a compelling case for modern homeowners. Let’s delve into these advantages and uncover why modular homes are becoming increasingly popular choices in the housing market. Access to Trades and Materials One of the […]

Entertainers Paradise – Feature Home of the Month, Dec 2022

This month in our feature custom home series we dip into the details on this totally awesome and inspiring entertainers paradise in Comox, BC. About This Build These retired professionals wanted to design their dream home around the things they love. After decades of hard work, it was now time to play, and this entertainer’s […]

Outdoorsy Haven: Feature Home of the Month, Nov 2022

This house is an elegant paradise. It boasts an effortless flow from the open kitchen and living areas, to the outdoor pool and back again. And the prominently placed wet bar is always there at your disposal if you get thirsty along the way. These empty nesters love to cook, socialize, and enjoy the good life, and their meticulous attention to detail meant that every nook and corner fits perfectly into the big picture.

Union Bay Estates – Naturally Spectacular


Oceanside with mountain views… simply epic. Union Bay Estates, which is also known as the Kensington lands, is a comprehensive development area offering a complete suite of homes from condos to hilltop estates and ocean front homes too. Just south of Courtenay/Comox overlooking Denman Island and the Georgia Strait, Union Bay Estates will redefine what […]