11 Amazing reasons to move to the Comox Valley (2022)

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Thinking of moving to the Comox Valley? Here are 11 reasons why it’s the right decision. 

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If you’re thinking of moving to the Comox Valley, then what are you waiting for? This stunning corner of Vancouver Island offers more goodness than you can shake a stick at, and once people move here, they never think about moving away. In this blog, we’ll run through eleven reasons why you should consider moving to the Comox Valley. We’ll see you soon!

Comox Valley Scenery

#1 Outdoorsy Heaven

Comox Valley really ticks the boxes for everything outdoors, lifestyle, and recreation. It has everything from skiing to boating, mountain biking and quading, fishing and swimming. There’s an abundance of parks and trails too. With plenty of stunning scenery, it definitely benefits outdoor enthusiasts. 

#2 Small-Town Goodness 

You can’t put a price on local happiness! Comox Valley is growing, but it still retains all the charm of a small town. Don’t be surprised if people smile at you as you pass them on the street, even if they’re strangers. In Comox Valley, community really means something — people invest in local life, and that helps to create a welcoming, vibrant, engaging place to call home. 

#3 Great Place to Build a Home

It’s difficult to get any home in certain areas of Canada (hello, Vancouver real estate market), let alone your dream home. But in the Comox Valley, it’s very much possible. There’s plenty of space for home building and some excellent home builders who can do the job for you — (wink, wink) 😉! You have your choice of oceanfront, farmland, or forested. Then decide if you want a quiet rural, or bustling walkable neighborhood. It’s totally up to you! 

#4 There’s a lot Going On

There’s a vibrant local community in Comox Valley, and it loves nothing more than putting on awesome festivals and events. Throughout the year, you’ll find a host of family-friendly activities, including Comox Nautical Days, the Vancouver Island Music Fest, and the BC Shellfish Festival. 

Comox Marina

#5 Quiet Yet Connected 

Comox Valley offers a quiet and serene life — but you’ll be close to other places if you want to travel and mix things up. The local Comox Airport offers regular flights to Vancouver and other areas around BC and Alberta, and it doesn’t take long to get to other parts of the world. 

#6 It’s Family Friendly

In our view, there’s no better place to raise a family than Comox Valley. It offers a ton of fun. Wooded trails, dog parks, mini-golf, and caves to name a few. And there’s plenty of great schools and extracurricular activities to enjoy too. Our top picks: Seal Bay Nature Park, Goose Spit Park, Comox Marina & Waterpark, Comox Lake, Century Sam Lake hike or anywhere in Strathcona Provincial Park. There’s a reason why people who grow up here tend to stay all of their lives!

#7 Envious Ocean and Mountain Views

Take a drive around the coastal wilderness that is the Comox Valley, and it won’t be long before you’re greeted by a stunning view. In fact, there tends to be one around every corner and over every hill – including Ryan Hill. Oceanside views overlooking the Georgia Straight to the east and the snow capped mountain tops of Mount Washington and the Comox Glacier to the west; it’s just majestic. Whether you like kicking back and contemplating the joys of life or getting out there with an active lifestyle, you’ll feel right at home here.

#8 The Mild Climate

It’s no secret that people move to BC to escape the brutally harsh winters in other areas of Canada. In the Comox Valley, you’ll have no such worries. This region offers a mild year-round climate, with four distinct seasons including warm and pleasant summers and chilly yet cozy winters. Perfect.

#9 You Can Eat and Drink Well

Love delicious food and drinks? You’ll find that you have plenty of options in the Comox Valley. There’s a vibrant local food and drink scene with excellent products that cater to all tastes. Breweries, wineries, distilleries, cheese makers, yogurt makers, and local farmers markets, all of which help to create one pretty tasty place to call home. 

Donut fan? Try Bigfoot Donuts in Courtenay, they are an office favorite on Friday afternoons 🙂

#10 Ski to Surf

What more could you want in life? The mountains and ocean right on your doorstep…ski in the morning, paddle board in the evening (and throw in some mountain biking for lunch if you’re crazy enough). Comox Valley offers one of the only true alpine to ocean experiences in the world with a mere 40-minute drive between the two, creating a world that endlessly enriches your life. 

Mount Washington ski hill in summer

#11 – Fishing

One of our very favourite things about the island is fishing. You will often find a Cameron family member throwing a line on the weekend. Whether it’s a family outing, a fishing derby, or a company team-building trip, fishing is one of our favourite ways to spend free time. We’re not the type to gloat much, but we always catch the biggest fish! There are so many great spots to go fishing and no shortage of great fishing guides to show you the ropes and take you to where the bite is on.

The Verdict 

We may be biased, but we think that Comox Valley is just about the best place on earth to live, and if you decide to make the move, we’re pretty confident that you’ll find that life in the Comox Valley is to your liking. After all, just take another read of the eleven reasons we outlined above. Is there anywhere else that offers as much?

Looking to build a home in the Comox Valley?

The Cameron family has been building homes in the Comox Valley for over 35 years. Whether you’re just starting the process, or you’re ready to commit, reach out to us and we can guide you all the way. We look forward to welcoming you at our home centre showroom in Courtenay and hearing your vision for your dream home. Contact Cameron.

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